Shake App Review by a Lawyer

By Walter Lau

Let’s start out by saying Shake App is a great tool for making quick agreements, but is by no means a replacement for an attorney for more complex or intricate contracts (Shake concedes this point right up front).  Shake allows you to create, digitally sign and send a contract to the other party for them to digitally sign.  Just think of how many fewer People’s Court and Judge Judy episodes there would be if everyone who loaned someone money had used Shake.

The simplicity of Shake is noticed from the moment you open the app.  You are greeted with simple topics such as confidentiality agreements, loan agreements and buy and sell agreements.  For this review I used the loan agreement template.

Upon selecting your agreement you are prompted to enter your name, in this case as the lender, the loan amount, the borrower’s name, the loan’s interest rate, repayment plan and initiation date, and the state where you are based, for jurisdiction purposes.  After a few seconds the app creates your loan agreement with all of the information you entered ready for you to sign on your phone or tablet.  You can then send the digital copy to the other party for their signature.

Besides bringing the ability to enter into legal agreements easily and cheaply on your mobile device, there is another benefit to Shake.

First year law student spend a great amount of time deciphering all types of legal jargon, legalese or just plain made up words.  Words such as “heretofore” “whereas” “wherefore” and their likes are rampant in older cases and, sadly, in contracts and agreements used today.  However, there is a push to end this type of writing as exemplified by handbooks such as Plain English for Lawyers and Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing.  The legal field is moving from the days of legalese to clear, concise and straight forward writing and Shake seems to be ahead of the curve.  The agreements turned out by Shake are easy to read and comprehend and won’t leave you scratching your head at what is written in the agreement.

Overall I believe Shake is an app which can be used in everyday situations by people outside of the legal field because, as a lawyer, I recommend putting all agreements in writing.  I can not stress this enough.  A few examples of who Shake would help are homeowners hiring a handy man to paint a bathroom or a residential landscaping service, a small business hiring a graphic designer to make business cards or your friend who needs to borrow money from you.  Just think, if transactions like these are done through Shake, Judge Judy would have no choice but to give you the case.

I downloaded the Android version of Shake App for free from Google Play.

About the Author

Walter Lau is a named partner at Lau & Nicolello, LLC. He holds a JD from New York Law School and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland - College Park. Walter is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey and has handled business purchases and sales, insurance subrogation, UCC disputes, Criminal and Municipal Court appearances, and personal injury lawsuits.