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For New York City Premises Liability Attorneys That Get Results, Contact The Law Offices of Lau & Nicolello!

If you or a loved one get hurt on someone else’s property, there is a good chance you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and suffering. The premises liability attorneys at Lau & Nicolello, we place the responsibility where it belongs.

As Premises Liability Attorneys in New York City, the Bronx, Brooklyn, the surrounding Boroughs and New Jersey, we aggressively pursue justice and compensation on behalf of our clients. Property owners and lessees are often responsible for maintaining safe premises and it is often their fault when someone gets hurt on their property.

If you are injured on commercial, residential, public, or municipal property, our Premises Liability Attorneys in New York City can help!

If you suffered an accident and sustained injuries, get expert legal guidance and skilled representation from experienced Bronx And Brooklyn Premises Liability Attorneys.

Legal Action is the best path to compensation.

You can count on our Lawyers to prove and recover damages. Our Lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim to prove liability and negligence. As Premises Liability Attorneys in the Bronx, Brooklyn and greater NYC, NJ area, we leave no stone unturned to help our clients receive compensation for their injuries.

Our team of lawyers and investigators will gather evidence and conduct witness interviews while exploring prior complaints, accidents, or violations by the property owner or lessee. Our team will advocate for justice and damages based on the toll an injury takes on our client’s health, the cost of medical care, lost wages, and the ability to enjoy the quality of life experienced before the injury.

It is Essential To Work With A Skilled Premises Liability Attorney In The Bronx, Brooklyn, Other Boroughs of NYC, And Greater New Jersey Area.

Extensive knowledge of the law, experience, strategic representation, and the aggressive pursuit of justice is required to get injured clients the compensation they are owed. Insurance companies for property owners and lessees typically attempt to settle the case for less than what is deserved. At the Law Offices of Lau & Nicolello, we never settle for less than what the negligent party should pay.

For a free consultation and case evaluation from experienced Premises Liability Attorneys in NYC, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Greater Metropolitan area, and New Jersey, call the Law Offices of Lau & Nicolello (646) 499-5700.