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Hit while walking, jogging or cycling due to someone else’s negligence? For the best Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in New York and New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Lau and Nicolello.

Many pedestrian accidents involve a motor vehicle or a bicycle. A pedestrian can be someone who is walking, jogging or running. In other words, he or she is traveling on foot. In some areas of the country, the definition of a pedestrian includes skaters, skateboarders and those in a wheelchair. These severe mishaps can cause foot travelers to suffer catastrophic injuries or death because there was no protection between them and the vehicles that struck them.

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Pedestrians can also be injured by such things as uneven sidewalks, potholes, downed trees, ice, loose gravel and miscellaneous obstructions carelessly placed by others. As an innocent pedestrian, you are the victim, and you require legal representation from an experienced pedestrian accident attorney in NYC and NJ.

Lau & Nicolello will to get you the compensation you deserve for the physical and psychological pain you have suffered as the victim of an accident in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and throughout Northern New Jersey. Our attorneys provide the best service and pride themselves on building strong attorney-client relationships and winning your case.

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