New Jersey Traffic Tickets

"Simply paying your ticket will result in a conviction being entered into your driving record."

Dante Nicolello, Esq.

So you got a traffic ticket.  Now what?

Did you get a New Jersey Traffic Ticket? A speeding ticket is an unfortunate slip of paper that almost every driver encounters a few times throughout their driving career. If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Central or Northern New Jersey, you know that getting a traffic ticket can be expensive. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may benefit by retaining an experienced lawyer to help you argue your case. Lau & Nicolello, LLC, is a New York and New Jersey law firm. It has two partner, Walter Lau and Dante Nicolello, who represent people accused of speeding or any other New Jersey traffic ticket in municipal court.

Because New Jersey traffic tickets are so commonplace, many drivers underestimate how much the ticket will cost in total. First, they may not be aware of the high price on the ticket itself. Of course, court fees are added on to that price, making it even higher. Because NJ tracks offenses on a point-based system, you can be sure that your car insurance premium will go up, particularly if the speeding was severe. There may even be other costs that you will not foresee. If you just blindly pay the ticket without doing research first, you may regret it in the long run. It’s important to know all the facts before you make a decision on whether to fight the ticket or to simply pay it.


If you are convicted of a driving violation your driving privileges could be suspended or revoked, you could be ordered to pay hefty fines or in extreme cases, go to jail. The State tracks all of your driving violation convictions through the Motor Vehicle Commission using points. Moving violations are classified into point categories, and the more serious the offense, the more points you will be assessed. The point system ranges from 2 points at the low end to 8 points for leaving the scene of an accident which resulted in personal injury. If you have 6 or more points on your record or if you have been convicted of unlicensed operation or license suspension, uninsured motorist, or a DWI you will be ordered to pay expensive surcharges lasting up to 3 years. Below is a summary of some of the more serious traffic offenses and their penalties, points and fines. If you have any questions please call us, we will help you.

​Speeding 1-14 mph over the maximum speed limit is considered the least serious out of the list. This is the most common citation given. While it does add speeding points (2) to your license, the cost for 1-9 mph over is $85, and it goes up to $95 for 10-14 mph over the limit. These fines turn into $140 and $160, respectively, if the violation occurs in a construction zone, safety corridor, or a road where the speed limit is the highest allowed (currently 65 mph).

​Going 15-29 mph over the limit will cost your license 4 speeding points. Fines also greatly increase at this level. 15-19 over can cost you $105 plus court fees. Unfortunately, the state has a law that mandates double the fine for drivers going 20 or more mph over the posted limit. This means that speeding 20 mph will cost $400 plus court fees! The highest point count a driver can get for speeding is 5, for going at least 30 mph over the speed limit. Remember these do not include court costs.

​According to, a ticket for 30 mph or more will cause an average of 15% premium increase. You may be less likely to see an increase for more minor offenses, but multiple minor offenses may also translate into an insurance increase. As any car owner knows, these premiums are not itemized, so it can be difficult to tell what the influencing factors are.

​Many drivers don’t understand the detrimental impact that points can have on their lives and licenses. Unlike many other states, NJ may have an annual surcharge for drivers who have multiple traffic convictions. They can linger and cause problems with credit rating and premiums. In the end, just a small ticket can cause a large financial ripple effect. Let a professional assist you in battling the state’s attempt to burden you with speeding points for one small mistake!

In short, even though it can be tempting to just sign off on a ticket and be done with it, the consequences can stack up. That’s why it’s imperative for you to find a lawyer who understands the points system in the state and is respected enough within the municipal court system to get what you need done. While no lawyer can guarantee that a ticket will be completely expunged from your record, particularly if it is not a minor offense, there’s a good chance that an experienced firm like Lau & Nicolello can help you in court. Whether this means traffic school in exchange for points on your license, a reduced fine in exchange for a promise to drive more carefully, or another creative compromise, your best shot at beating that expensive ticket is to retain a talented attorney familiar with the system.​

Aside from the penalties by the State, your insurance company will be informed of the points assessed against you and will most likely raise your insurance premiums. Surveys done on insurance policy quotes estimate increases ranging from 3% for seat belt infractions to 22% for reckless driving. How much your premium will go up is determined by actuaries working for your insurance and are almost impossible to predict. To avoid these increases it is desirable to limit the amount of points on your record. Lau & Nicolello’s experienced attorneys can help in keeping your insurance premiums at their current levels. Give us a call to have us represent you in court for your New Jersey Traffic Ticket and save potentially save you money in the long run.