Lucky in Love for a second time? Why a Prenup might be right for you.

By Dante Nicolello

If you have children, grandchildren or assets & are planning on tying the knot, and you’ve questioned if a prenup is right for you, keep on reading.
Prenups, in certain situations, are not only beneficial to the couple who is getting married, but are an important part of planning for the future financial security of the exiting family.
Many of our clients are people entering into their second marriage. They have found the person they want to share their life with, but they still want to be responsible to their existing family.
Whether it’s protecting your children, grandchildren or any type of asset obtained prior to your upcoming marriage do yourself a favor and take some time to research & consider a prenup before walking down the aisle. It can save families a lot of money and stress in the future by allowing the couple to transparently discuss the reality of their situations.
As attorneys we recommend clients have things planned out in advance, and premarital agreements are at the top of the list. Your marriage is a contractual relationship and our partners are available to talk to you.
More specific details on prenups are available on our blog, here. Or sign up for a $20 confidential consultation via phone.


About the Author

Dante A. Nicolello is a named partner at Lau & Nicolello, LLC. He holds a JD from New York Law School and is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey.