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Insurance Subrogation – Why you may be on the hook!

By Dante Nicolello

Many people believe insurance companies are there to help and pay for damage in the event of misfortune. When the insurance company steps in many feel a sense of relief because someone will be paying the bill. But, there is a new trend happening now where insurance companies are the ones coming after people for money. They use harsh tactics and hire aggressive collection agencies. They are able to do this by using a very old part of the law called subrogation. Here is what you need to know…More…

Shake App Review by a Lawyer

By Walter Lau

Let’s start out by saying Shake App is a great tool for making quick agreements, but is by no means a replacement for an attorney for more complex or intricate contracts (Shake concedes this point right up front).  Shake allows you to create, digitally sign and send a contract to the other party for them to digitally sign.  Just think of how many fewer People’s Court and Judge Judy episodes there would be if everyone who loaned someone money had used Shake.