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Atlas Data Privacy Corporation Files Over 130 Lawsuits Across New Jersey Against Data Broker Websites

Lawsuit Summary

In the last week, Atlas Data Privacy Corporation, along with individuals who requested their data removed from hundreds of websites, have filed nearly 150 different lawsuits against multiple online data broker websites in New Jersey. These websites often consolidate and sell public data of individuals. While this practice was generally legal, recent legislation has made an exception for law enforcement officers, those who work in the courts or corrections, and their family members.

The complaint involves Atlas, alongside other plaintiffs, against named and unnamed defendants over violations of Daniel’s Law.

Daniel’s Law

Daniel’s Law was established to protect the personal information of public servants, including judges, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors, along with their families. It aims to prevent the disclosure of home addresses and unpublished phone numbers by data brokers. When a public servant notifies a data broker to takedown their information, the data broker has 10 business days to comply.

These lawsuits follow the tragic incident leading to the enactment of Daniel’s Law, where Daniel Anderl, the son of a New Jersey federal judge, was murdered by a gunman who obtained the judge’s home address through data broker services. Following this, both New Jersey and federal legislation were passed to protect the personal information of judicial and law enforcement personnel.

Atlas Data Privacy and Their Daniel’s Law Claim

The plaintiffs argue that the defendant data brokers operating websites, have failed to comply with the law by continuing to disclose protected information, endangering the lives and safety of the plaintiffs and their families. The violations occurred when the data broker websites were inundated with tens of thousands of takedown emails and failed to remove the plaintiff’s data within ten business days.

Atlas is able to bring these lawsuits because as part of their business model, they allow claimants to assign their claim of damages to Atlas.

The plaintiffs, including law enforcement officers and a corporation representing thousands of covered persons, seek injunctive relief, statutory damages, and compliance with Daniel’s Law from the defendants, who remain unnamed due to their efforts to conceal their identities.

Potential Liability

The defendants in these lawsuits face tens of millions in damages since the damages are calculated as the greater of actual damages or $1,000 per violation. The plaintiffs are also seeking attorney fees which can be significant in such a large and widespread area of litigation.

If your company has been sued by Atlas you view your case on the New Jersey Courts website, but you will need a qualified attorney to represent you or your business. Please fill out our form to discuss your case. Since these lawsuits were recently filed, an answer must be timely filed.


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