Civil Litigation

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Personal Injury

Depending on your case you may have as few as 90 days to bring a lawsuit to recover money for injuries you sustained. In most states, including New York and New Jersey, to recover money from a town, county or the State, you must file a form called a “Notice of Claim” within 90 days of an accident or injury. If you do not file this form within 90 days then you will not be allowed to sue any town, county or state for your injuries.

Most cases for personal injury are based on a theory called negligence. If you want to sue someone in New York for personal injury based on negligence then you must bring a lawsuit within 3 years (2 years for New Jersey) of your injury, this is called the “statute of limitations”. If you miss this deadline by even 1 day, you cannot sue or recover any money for your injuries. There are exceptions to the statute of limitations such as when a minor is injured, but you should consult with a qualified attorney to discuss your case.

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Contract Disputes