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Were the injuries at the Global Citizen Music Festival worsened by crowd-control measures?

By Dante Nicolello


Were the injuries at the Global Citizen Music Festival worsened by deliberate crowd-control measures employed by event organizers?

There were many reported injures during a mad rush out of the event which occurred when someone stepped on a water bottle and the pop was mistaken for a gun-shot. There are reports that event goers were penned up in sections with steel interlocking gates which may have contributed to the injuries. The event organizers may be liable for these injuries because under the law they owe a duty of care, a legal responsibility for event goer’s safety. I would recommend anybody injured seek immediate medical attention and then seek advice from a lawyer. These injuries may include being trampled, tripping over barricades, slip and falls, and more cause by the mass chaos. Our office is now collecting information about the incident. If you or anybody you know was there and has information about any injuries, please speak with one of our attorneys investigating this matter.

Below is some information we have about this incident.


How to Sue for Injury Caused by the Government

By Dante Nicolello

Injury from government vehicle

Did the government cause you injury or property damage? Were you involved in an accident with a government owned vehicle? Were you the victim of police violence? Did you slip and fall on government property? You can recover damages in many circumstances, but there are many rules designed to protect the government. So, if you want to sue for injury caused by the government there are a few things you must know. The first is the most important.