Getting Married?

​Get a Premarital Agreement to protect you and your assets.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! 

Prenups are like an insurance policy; you have one...just in case.

A Premarital Agreement, or a Prenup, is more common than you think.

A Premarital Agreement provides you and your spouse with asset and estate protection and can save you money in the end.

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"Marriage happens, but so does divorce.  We can make it easier"

We will help you:

  • Protect you from your spouse's debts
  • Ensure your assets remain yours
  •  Plan your estate the way you want it
  •  Provide certainty in your financial future
  •  Minimize the cost of a potential divorce

We will draft a detailed and customized Prenup to match your needs.

Our team has the resources to ensure your interests are protected. 

We represent clients throughout the New York Metro area and New Jersey.

We want your wedding to be the most enjoyable day of your life without you having to worry.

If you purchase our package, you can expect use to do the following:

  •  Go over your current financial situation, asset holdings, family structure and future needs.
  •  Advise you on best practices for planning and setting up a financial strategy.
  •  Once we agree on a strategy, we will start to create a custom agreement.
  •  We will work with your spouse’s attorney to come to mutual beneficial terms.
  •  We will produce a written agreement which once executed, will provide the important protection you need.

We think of Premarital Agreements as an insurance policy; you do not want to use it, but when you have to, you will be glad you have one.    

  • Get help for what you need. We're here to help you get through this point in your life.
  • Always professional. We pride ourselves on being professional and attentive to your needs.
  •  Always available. We're here for you and we will always make ourselves available for our clients.

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